Жанна Тигрицкая (junetiger) wrote,
Жанна Тигрицкая

Two poems in English

Who knew the answer?

My memory is still alive
Though every day I pray and fight -
So many years gone — thirty five
Scince I had heard: «Your husband died»

The frosty wind was blowing hard,
The bitter tears hurt my eyes,
Those words have frosen my warm heart
And turned into a piece of ice.

Since then the sun has left the sky,
Thus plunging my life into hell.
Would I survive or also die -
Who knew the answer pretty well?

Oh, life, an everlasting stream!

Oh, life, an everlasting stream -
Some people think you are a dream,
While others say you're mad and hard -
From baby''s cradle till graveyard.

And starting from the burning dawn,
Once born, we all have to go on
Fulfilling the prescripted roles -
To keep in clean presented souls.

If we succeed — the last sunset
Will never be so cold and sad:
Forgiven may be any sins
To loving God — he always wins!
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